Yuu Suzuno
Yuu prof
First Appearance
Hometown Harajuku, Japan
Current Residence Hokkaido, Japan
Voiced by

Yuu Suzuno is the son of Gen and Tsuru Suzuno, and the younger brother of Ito. He was separated from his sister and father after his father was injured in an accident and he couldn't play guitar anymore, and currently lives with his mother in Hokkaido. He is a fan of Bell Renjouji. At the end of the season, he reunites with his sister and father. He reappears as a character in King of Prism.


  • Yuu's name is very similar to Ito's, as the kanji of his name means "to tie together". His sister's name is "thread." Together, they are the thread that ties together the Suzuno family.
  • Yuu's voice actress is Hiro Nakajima, who also plays Eru Harune and Yong Hwa.
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