Yun-su & Chae Kyoung's Father

Yun su's father

Personal Data

Name Unknown
Age (Dear My Future) Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Korea


Family Members

Myeong Ja (Wife)

Yun-su (Son)
Chae Kyoung (Daughter)


Yun-su & Chae Kyoung's father is the husband of the children's mother, Myeong Ja. Not much is known about him as a person, though he patched up his daughter's wound at her recital when she fell. He is the owner of many resorts and expensive establishments. This is why Chae Kyoung has the ability to buy all of the things she does, and possibly why she is so spoiled.

Myeong Ja had broken up with Kintaro, and she felt she could not love again and began to hate everything. However, she credits the childrens' father for teaching her to love again.

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