Yun-su is the owner of Dear Crown, a fashion and Prism Stone store right next to Shou's in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. He is not liked at all by Shou, not just because he is his rival in business, but because he is his rival in love. Yun-su has great respect for Aira and considers her his muse, and later realizes that he has fallen for her. The clothes he designs are different from Shou's because they're not cute, but sexy and chic. His sister is Chae Kyoung, and he receives affections from So Min.

Role in the Plot

Yun-su first appeared as the designer and owner of the Prism Stone shop, Dear Crown, in Dear My Future and fell in love with Aira calling her his muse and goddess. He has a rivalry with Shou not only as a designer but also as someone who wants Aira's heart. So Min is also in love with him.


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