Yumemi profile
Kanji 夢美
Rōmaji Yumemi
First Appearance
Dear My Future Episode 31
Gender Female
Age (Dear My Future) Around 13
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Voiced by
Japanese Yuka Ootsubo

Yumemi is a middle schooler who asked the Prism Show unit COSMOs to let her become their apprentice in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. She learns from them that she does not want to do Prism Shows, but follow her dream of becoming an astronomer.

Role in the Plot

Yumemi had just transferred into a new middle school, and couldn't find a way to fit in. In order to stand out, she wrote in her essay that she wanted to be a Prism Star when she grew up. Her classmates admired her for this, but she was caught in her own lie. In order to keep her image, she goes to COSMOs (Mia Ageha, Chae Kyoung, So Min) Although they teach her, COSMOs soon learns that Yumemi is unskilled at skating and fashion. They find out that instead of Prism Shows, she, in fact, has a great passion for astronomy. They tell her to give up on Prism Shows, but instead, chase her dream of becoming an astronomer. With COSMOs' Prism Show, she is inspired to follow her dream to discover an unnamed star and name it "COSMOs."

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