Yukinojo Tachibana
Yukinojo Stage Outfit
Kanji 太刀花ユキノジョウ
Romaji Tachibana Yukinojo
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday July 9
Age 17(SSS)
Theme Color Blue
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Red
Style Academy
Artist (Prism Rush Live)
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prism Star


Affiliation Edel Rose
Personal Status

Yukio Tachibana(Grandfather)
Kikuemon Tachibana(Father)
Setsuko Tachibana(Mother)

Shiny Seven Stars Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō

Yukinojo Tachibana is one of the main protagonists of King of Prism. He is a Kabuki actor and Prism Star who attends Kakkyoin Academy of Edel Rose.



Yukinojo has an androgynous figure and small, grayish blue eyes. His long red hair is straightened and worn over his shoulder, tied with a blue ribbon and ornament with the remainder hanging loose on his right. His long choppy bangs hang loose on the right and center of his head. He has remarkably fair skin, as noted by Leo Saionji, and sometimes wears red eye-shadow. He wears a semi-long dark blue jacket over his Edel Rose uniform.


Yukinojo is a calm and collected person, rarely showing much emotion on his face except when he is on stage. He plays the role of women in Kabuki and is said to be an expert on knowing the differences between gender. He entered the Prism Show world so that he could open up much to his parents dispute.

Role In Plot

Yukinojo is seen in a yukata with Leo while watching Over The Rainbow's Live. He is seen by Shin while dressed up in his Kabuki costume and makeup, causing Shin to mistake Yukinojo as a girl.

Later, the boys are gathered in the cafeteria and they are planning for their performance at the Rose Party. Yukinojo asks Shin if he would like to perform and says that he should perform.

Image Songs

Agehachou, yume mai koishigure

Itai Doushin Respect (with Leo)

Hyoujo Shiranami Otoko (with Yuu and Minato)

Perley Monster Hundred Night Line (with Kakeru)

Hundred Flowers Rebellion

Samui Yoru Dakara...


  • He ranked 5th place in the official popularity poll "Next Generation Prism Star Grand Election".


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