Yong Hwa
Yong hwa
Kanji ヨンファ
Rōmaji Yonfa
First Appearance
Dear My Future Episode 22
Gender Male
Age (Dear My Future) Around 16
Hometown South Korea
Current Residence South Korea (as of DMF ep 51)
Hair Color Honey yellow
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Dear Princess


Voiced by
Japanese Minami Takayama

Yong Hwa is a new young male Prism Star from Korea. Yong Hwa is known for his light personality and popularity with the girls. Although he usually acts very laid back, he's actually very intelligent and is very sharp when it comes to people's feelings. He tells Prizmmy☆ that he does not just love one of the girls, but all of the girls. He is childhood friends with Chae Kyoung and Yun-su and cares for their welfare very much. After seeing Itsuki Harune perform at a Prism Show, he becomes determined to form a duo unit with him. He finally does, and their unit's name is Love∞Mix. His catchphrase is "Heart Shuffle", a phenomenon that happens when a person is having a heart-beating, amazing moment, whether this is love or passion for ones' dreams.


Itsuki Harune

PrizmDMF24 28
Itsuki is his trusted partner and best friend in Love∞Mix. After much coaxing to bring him into the unit, Itsuki reluctantly joined. Although Itsuki is sometimes put off by his strange behavior, Yong Hwa and Itsuki are best friends. Yong Hwa knows that Itsuki joined the Prism Show world as part of his sports doctor training, and supports him 100%.

Chae Kyoung

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Chae Kyoung is his childhood friend. Although he acts very aloof most of the time, he can tell how she feels extremely easily. He was the only one to notice when she was feeling lost if she really wanted to become an actress or a prism star.


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