Winter White Session

Winter White Session is a duo-tournament where contestants perform and compete together. This is the first tournament June Amou participated in since the Over The Rainbow Session tournament.


Prism Team Outfit List

Ann & Wakana

Ann: Cosmic Asymmetrical Shirt, Cosmic Space Skirt, Cosmic Asymmetric Boots

Wakana: Cosmic China Top, Cosmic Shooting Star Short Pants, Cosmic Asymmetric Tights & Pumps

Ito & Otoha

Ito: Royal Mannish Jacket, Royal Mannish Smart Pants, Royal Slash Pumps

Otoha: Royal Märchen Princess Dress, Royal Märchen Shoes

Naru & Bell

Naru: Happy Naru Duck Hair, Happy Naru Duck One Piece, Happy Naru Duck Shoes

Bell: Beautiful Feather One Piece, Beautiful Feather Pumps

Rinne & June

Rinne: Colourful Rainbow Wedding Dress, Miracle Rainbow Boots

June: Midnight Dream One Piece, Midnight Dream Lace Shoes

Winter White Session Gallery

Winter White Session Image Gallery

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