Wataru 3 years later
Kanji わたる
Rōmaji Wataru
First Appearance
Dear My Future Episode 1 (Non-speaking)

Episode 4 (Actual Debut)

Gender Male
Age (Aurora Dream) Around 15-16
Age (Dear My Future) Around 19-20
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Romantic Interest(s) Mion Takamine
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Affiliation Pretty Top


Voiced by
Japanese Nobuhiko Okamoto

Wataru is the trickster-type member of the popular boy band, Callings. He has an unrequited love for Mion. He is sometimes blatant and humorous in his advances. He is a source of support to Mion, and always knows when she's in trouble. He can see right through her stubborn, sharp-tongued exterior.


As the youngest member of Callings, Wataru exudes a playful and trickster persona, which constantly leads to him being not taken seriously by others. In reality, he possesses sharp perceptive skills, which he uses to see through and decipher other people's true feelings, including Mion. He also cares deeply for Mion despite the latter's somewhat indifference towards his feelings for her, never hesitating to help her out in times of need, a trait which also extends to others as well.


In Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Wataru had short red-brown hair and green eyes. In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, he grew out his hair and pushed his bangs back with a black headband.

Role in the Plot


Wataru at around age 16 in "Aurora Dream".

Wataru does not have much of a role in Aurora Dream, except as Mion's support. He teaches Rizumu some ideas on how to learn English, saves Mion from a bunch of flirts at the summer festival, runs to cheer her on at her important tournaments, and in the final episode, while Mion is crying when Jun leaves, Mion asks why he also came. He replied, "I just thought when you will cry your heart out, I will support you. Come on! Cry on my shoulder." He spread his arms out for her to cry, to which she, as usual, brushed him off, but she was in fact truly happy he was there.

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Wataru 3 years later

Wataru at around age 19 in "Dear My Future".

Wataru appears to still be working in Callings 3 years later. He has changed his hairstyle and has grown in the past 3 years. Everyone in Callings has supposedly graduated from high school.

When Shou was undergoing depression due to his love triangle with Aira and Yun-su, he told him that if he didn't make a move, he was going to steal Aira from him, although that was just a gesture to tell him to step up before Yun-su actually did so.

In Mia's vision of the future, he supposedly works alongside Mion at Pretty Top as her right-hand-man, thus succeeding Jun's position.


Wataru's given name means "to spread." When his name is put together with the other two members of Callings, their names literally mean, "An echoing show."


  • In the manga, Wataru was given the family name "Hyuuga".


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