Violet Colors Ruffle T-Shirt
Kanji スミレいろフリルTシャツ
Rōmaji Sumire Iro Furiru Tīshatsu
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 4

Violet Colors Ruffle T-Shirt is a lovely-type Prism Stone worn by Mion Takamine in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Chae Kyoung in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, and Naru Ayase in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

It resembles the Corset Snow Tops.


A pale violet corset with a short band of ruffles and four, tiny white heart-shaped buttons to accent the lining. Black puffy fabric covers the collarbone and shoulders. A decorative, pale violet bracelet is included.


This was one of the outfits Mion wore during her photoshoot at the Park. Her version lacks the heart buttons. It was also worn by Chae Kyoung casually during a tournament.

Naru also wore this as one of her causal outfit for the season. When worn by her, the detail at the center of the chest is slightly altered.


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