This is my user page. I would like to tell people a bit about myself (since this my profile would be weird (maybe) if I don't talk about myself.)

A Bit About Myself

I'm a fan of a numerous of anime (including this one) but I currently have to something more important than editing this wiki and I also edit other Wikia pages so I cannot do the editing every day.

I'm currently a part of a few wikis in other than this wiki (obviously)

  1. Yosuga no Sora Wiki (I planned to be an admin there but stalling it temporarily)
  2. Toradora Wiki (which I planned to delete, but was halted)
  3. Toradora Anime Wiki (I want it to replace Toradora Wiki, but was halted also)
  4. Camp Half-Blood Wiki (Minor contributor)
  5. Wikia Community Central (Just to help me to improve Wikia pages that I'm interested in)
  6. Black Bullet Wiki (Minor contributor currently)

My Current Projects for Pretty Rhythm

  1. Add more page. Well, the usual stuff.
  2. Use the sandbox before officially adding pages. Probably...

Some Random Staff

My user profile is not as fancy as the admin's one. I'm planning to get to know how he did it. Tut...Commission ended.

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