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The Seiyuus of King Of Prism during the Rose Party event last 2018 (from left to right, top to bottom: Shouta Aoi[Louis], Yuuma Uchida [Yuu], Shunsuke Takeuchi [Alexander], Takuma Nagatsuka [Leo], Tasuku Hatanaka [Taiga], Soma Saito [Yukinojo], Junta Terashima [Shin], Taku Yashiro [Kakeru] and Masashi Igarashi [Minato])

Konnichiwa!! Welcome to my page!

​​​​Ever since I watched Dear My Future from probably six years back, Iv'e been a fan of the whole Pretty Series (yes, including PriPara and Kiratto PriChan, but that's a whole different story hahahah) Mostly I'm an introvert in my class and sadly, I'm the only one who loves, or rather is AWARE of Pretty Rhythm and even my friends are unaware of this anime which makes it so disappointing for me ahuhuhuh Out of all the Pretty Rhythm seasons, my ultimate favorite is King of Prism (as of the moment, it varies from time to time XD)Besides Pretty Rhythm, I also have other fandoms (again, that's a whole different story) but my love for all fandoms are one and the same <3<3<3

Aside from binge-watching anime, my other hobbies are drawing (I even made a few fanarts for Pretty Rhythm, and maybe I might upload here in my page soon enough), listening to JPOP (specifically those from the Pretty Series), reading manga and Wattpad books, and video editing, mostly AMVs (As of August 19, 2019, I'm currently working on an AMV for Minato's "Sailing" as his gift for his birthday which is on August 21)

BTW, I'm also a Filipina so.. yeah (Kaway-kaway diyan sa iba pang mga PIlipino na mahilig sa Pretty Rhythm ahhahahaha XD) Hope you enjoy my page!
                                                                                                                                                    ~ UsagiAiraBokerdole


Prism Stars I'm Dying to meet

My husbando Minato XD

Songs That Are Definitely In My Forever Playlist

*sidenote: I know this is a LONG list of songs (and it just might get longer lmao) so please bear with me ahhahaha XD

Winter Eyes.png

  • Aurora Dream
    • You May Dream
    • We Will Win! ~ Kokoro no Batopon no Pon
    • Dream Goes On
    • Hop! Step!! Jump!!!
  • Dear My Future
    • Life Is Just A Miracle ~ Ikitteru Tte Subarashii
    • my Transform
    • Shuwa Shuwa Baby
    • Mirage Jet
    • Cheer! Yeah!
  • Rainbow Live
    • Butterfly Effect
    • §Rainbow
    • Happy Star ☆ Restaurant
    • nth color
    • Sweet time Cooking magic ~Hara Peko Nan Desu Watashi tte~
    • BT37.5
    • gift
    • ALIVE
    • Cherry-picking days
    • Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend
  • King Of Prism
    • Movie/s
      • pride - King Of Prism Ver.
      • FREEDOM - Thunderstorm Ver.
      • EZ DO DANCE - Thunderstorm Ver.
      • Lunatic DEStiNy
      • Vivi°C Heart Session!
      • Dramatic Love
    • Rush Live
      • Dramatic Love - Thank You 1st Anniversary REMIX
      • Happy Happy Birthday! -SeptEntrion Ver.
      • Winter Eyes
      • Party Monster Hyakki Yagyou
      • Silent Promise
      • masquerade - star battle ver.
      • Sing New Shine!
      • Sweet Sweet Replies
      • Starved For You
      • Hyojou Shiranami Otoko
    • Shiny Seven Stars
      • Nanairo no Chikai - Brilliant Oath
      • Platonic Sword
      • I Know Shangri La
      • Shiny Stellar
      • Sailing!
      • Fly In The Sky
      • Silver and Gold Dance
      • Overnight Sensation - Jidai wa Anata ni Yudane Teru
      • masquerade - Taiga Ver.
      • Shiny Seven Star
    • Other Soundtracks
      • 366 Love
      • Delicious Essence
      • Summer Sky Monologue
      • Home Sweet Home
      • Zeus♂ ~ Ore Wa Saikyou Star

My Youtube Link

So I'm just gonna leave here the link to my Youtube account. Please subscribe! hahahaah XD

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3T_dQvwunrx-LwY64hlzg?view_as=subscriber

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