Hi, my name is Nur Izzati but in online, I prefer Nur as my alias. I am a huge anime fangirl so I'm totally in love with many things. I love art, and drawing is my main hobby. I also love to read, relaxing, and writing stuffs. I'm also a very beginner editor. You can also find me on Youtube, Deviantart, Pinterest and Google+ under my name, Nur Izzati Mohd Nizam or NurrrKunnn


I really love Bell Rose and Over The Rainbow, my favourite characters are Bell, Wakana, Hiro and Kazuki.

Wakana are canon to Kazuki and no one can stop it! I shipped KazuKana 100% and I'll never ship KazuAnn because it's not real. I also don't ship Ann with Kazuki because she's nothing other than his junior. I dont want to say much about Kazuki because he's super cool and I can't desribed much about his amazingness. He had a very satisfying voice and i love his figure as a short boy. He also good in street dances, skateboarding and other casual stuffs. He's also very handsome, (plus cute, because his CG appearance is cute tho) when he's dancing. He also good in mural arts!! Is that awesome?? His freedom spirit is what I like about him, don't worry i just have crush on him, because I want him to be with Wakana!! I AM A KAZUKANA SERIOUS FAN

Why Wakana? She's super cute. She's amazing and she brings a lot of nyan smiles. I really love when she's meowing.. super cute nya~ i also like her green, flowery theme. Her hair.. I really can't handle it, I want to pat her head! She also got many scenes with Kazuki, so that's why she's better canon to Kazuki. Kazuki also cares about her more than Ann. Like the time Wakana is crying at Kazuki while Kazuki hug her and pat her head, I am totally happy with that! And.. spoiler!! In the second movie of K.O.P, there's Over The Rainbow doing a Prism Jump featuring them kissed their partner.. since Kouji's partner is Ito, and they're already a real couple.. so that means the other pairings are also real. And Kazuki's partner is Wakana. Well, if it's not real.. why did he kissed her? Although it's just in the Prism Jump, if he got no feelings towards her, the pairing should goes to Kazuki and Ann. But it's NOT. It's Kazuki and Wakana so deal with it.

(To all KazuAnn shippers.. I'm sorry)

If I can do Prism Jumps.. these are the most Jumps I want to do:

  • Breaking Fire Storm
  • Burning Sword Breaker
  • Waking Flower Waltz
  • Awaken! Open My Flower
  • Infinite Prism Phoenix
  • Infinite Kaleidoscope
  • Infinite Hug Eternal
  • Jewel Spin Cross
  • Aurora Rising


  • I am seriously addicted to dark-skinned characters; tan-toned or dark-complexioned.
  • I am an ULTIMATE, SUPER FAN towards Tyki Mikk from D.Gray-man, and I won't list here the reason why because it's too many.
  • I ship BxG couples only, I'm not a fujoshi or something related to it.
  • I love long-haired male anime characters like a freak.
  • I mostly enjoyed siblings goals, cute fluffes, fantasy and actions, and comedy/slice of life anime genres. Pure romance is not my taste.
  • I HATE Pokémon, sorry not sorry.


  • D.Gray-man; Tyki Mikk
  • D.Gray-man; Wisely Kamelot
  • D.Gray-man; Road Kamelot
  • D.Gray-man; Jasdero & Devit
  • Future Card Buddyfight; Aragami Rouga
  • Future Card Buddyfight; Daiakuji Long
  • Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live; Nishina Kazuki
  • Sousei no Omnyoji/Twin Star Exorcists; Momochi & Chijiwa
  • Sousei no Omnyoji/Twin Star Exorcists; Suzu
  • Sousei no Omnyoji/Twin Star Exorcists; Tsuchimikado Mikage (before formed as his real identity, Abe no Seimei)
  • La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia; Debito
  • Prince Series (Comic); Jayvyn
  • Prince Series (Comic); Uthman
  • Summer Paradise (Game); Mark Ligero
  • Summer Paradise (Game); Vaughn Guevarra
  • Vocaloid; DEX
  • Vocaloid; ZOLA PROJECT; Wil
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic; Sphintus Carmen
  • Metal Fight Beyblade; Tategami Kyoya
  • Voltron Legendary Defender; Lance McClain


  • Nishina Kazuki x Wakana Morizono (THIS IS REAL)
  • Amamiya Rizumu x Toudou Hibiki
  • Enmado Rokuro x Adashino Benio
  • Ryuenji Tasuku x Sofia Sakharov
  • Ichijou Raku x Kisaragi Chitoge
  • Erza Scarlet x Jellal Fernandes
  • King x Diane


  • Durarara!!!!!; Orihara Izaya & Heiwajima Shizuo
  • Ansatsu Kyoshitsu/Assassination Classroom; Akabane Karma & Shiota Nagisa
  • Kakumeiki Valvrave/Valvrave The Liberator; Tokishima Haruto & L-Elf Karlstein
  • Future Card Buddyfight; Aragami Rouga & Gaen Kyoya
  • Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia; Todoroki & Midoriya Izuku


  • Dontenniwarau/Laughing Under The Clouds; Kumou Siblings; Kumou Tenka, Kumou Soramaru & Kumou Chuutarou
  • D.Gray-man; Noah Twins; Jasdero & Devit
  • Sousei no Omnyoji/Twin Star Exorcists; Basara Twins; Momochi & Chijiwa
  • Durarara!!!!!; Orihara Siblings; Orihara Izaya, Orihara Kururi & Orihara Mairu
  • Sket Dance; Fujisaki Yusuke (Bossun) & Tsubaki Sasuke

CURRENT COMMUNITIES, (currently I'm still a fan towards these, not an official member yet)

  • Animation community
  • Art community
  • MMD (3D animation) community

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