Twinkle Sugar One Piece
Kanji トゥインクルシュガーワンピ
Rōmaji To~uinkuru Shugā Wanpi
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 4

Twinkle Sugar One piece is a lovely-type Prism Stone. It was worn by Mion Takamine.

It resembles the Sunny Spot Vest One Piece, Hydrangea Chiffon One Piece, and the Airy Lace Purple One Piece.


A white mini-dress with a pearl blue and pink floral print and slightly ruffled skirt. A light denim vest is worn over it. On one pocket is a pearl chain, and the other has a white bow.


Mion wore this Prism Stone when she performed with Aira for the first time.

In the anime the pattern is severely lessened.

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