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Tsuru Suzuno
Tsuru prof.jpg
Kanji 涼野鶴
Rōmaji Suzuno Tsuru
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 19 (flashback)

Episode 30 (actual debut)

Gender Female
Age (Rainbow Live) Mid 30's
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan (at the Lucky Star) (as of RL ep 51)
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Green
Relative(s) Gen Suzuno (Husband)

Ito Suzuno (Daughter)

Yuu Suzuno (Son)

Voiced by
Japanese Kana Asumi

Tsuru Suzuno is the separated wife of Gen, and also the mother of Ito and Yuu. She loves Gen and her children very much, but due to Gen's sudden change in attitude due to losing his ability to play guitar after breaking his arm in an accident, she left the house and brought Yuu with her. However, she seems to still love Gen and notes that Ito and Gen are very similar to each other in personality, so they may fight sometimes. By the end of the series, the guilt from the death of Kouji's father is lifted, and she, Gen, Ito, and Yuu live together once again in Harajuku.