The Tiara Cup is a solo tournament in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Its prize is the rare Pure Crystal Tiara that makes up the Pure White Wedding Dress set required for the legendary Prism Jump, the Aurora Rising.

It is mainly for rookie Prism Stars getting their start in Prism Show competitions.


The Tiara Cup is done in three rounds.

Preliminary Round: This round tests the contestants' fashion skills. Each contestant is required to put together a look centered around a specific theme. The contestants that best impress the judges move on to round 2.

Round 2: In this round, the contestants must perform a Prism Jump within a time limit, with points taken off or even the threat of disqualification for any performer who exceeds this time limit. The 20 performers with the highest scores move on to the final round.

Final Round: In the final round, contestants perform a full Prism Show for the audience and the judges, and are scored on their fashion sense, dance skills and quality/appeal of their jumps. The contestant with the highest score wins the tournament.

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