• Hello! It's been a really long time since I was last on this wiki so I first wanted to apologize for my inactivity. I also wanted to thank you for continuously working on the wiki. I've lost interest in the Pretty Rhythm series but I do plan on eventually watching the KOP anime. It's just no longer my favorite series.

    I'm still active in general on different wikis but I will step down as a bureaucrat and administrator for this wiki. Once again, thank you so much for keeping the wiki in order!

    Happy Editing!

    Former Bureaucrat RozzaPanda

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    • Rozza hi x3 I missed talking to you, it has been ages! Actually... I've been on and off from this place as well, I kinda lost interest in it too so I've been focusing on other places.

      I'm kind of sad to hear that, but it makes sense since you haven't been around XD I kind of feel like I should too, but...

      Well anyway, we'll have to keep in touch :3 and talk again soon~

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