• Hey, Orezio! Sorry for being inactive lately. I saw what you wrote in the edit summary and there is something that needs to be added in the Charabox. I've been wanting to put the age of the characters for the template but I'm honestly not very good at template coding. Can you please add it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Sorry to interrupt, but like Rozza-san, I too am not very proficient at template coding. So, I was wondering that after this, would you mind teaching me the basic steps?

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    • Sadly, I, too am unskilled in the field of programming. What I do is merely copy a group of code and add some minor modifications on certain text (copy-paste-replace). It's a trial and error task.

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    • I want to become better at coding and programming one day. But I think just "merely copying a group of code" is a good start, Orezio.

      Anyways, thank you for adding the age section for KOP. I was able to do Naru's age as well and will do the rest of RL later but I had trouble testing the ages for any AD and DMF characters. Can you do an example for Aira's page so I can learn?

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