• I'm not 100% sure you did it, but it looks like from the edit history you set the birthday for Ayami. The All Star Selection guidebook lists Prizmmy's birth months only, and they're different from all the birthdays on the wiki. 

    If you're the person who set Prizmmy and Puretty's birthdays, may I ask where you found them?

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    • I do not recall setting her birthday to that specific date, nor do I have any data about any of their dates of birth. Do try asking my other fellow bureaucrat, RozzaPanda. If I can recall, she is one of the most informed among the currently active members of the wiki.

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    • Hello. I do not actually know of the Prizmmy members birthdays. I've been looking for info on it but strangely haven't found anything. Of course, I'll keep looking and update their birthdays if they really are incorrect. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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