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Takeyuki Mihama

Takeyuki Mihama was the father of Kouji Mihama and husband of Natsuko Mihama. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band Lucky Star with Gen Suzuno. He was called JO by him.

The moment before the accident.

He was one of the victims of the car accidents involving Gen. He died in the accident, but with Gen only injuring his left hand.


In his young days, he wasn't famous of the music business like Gen, but when they met on an empty stage, it was the start of something new. They made good songs together and made a band called Lucky Star soon after gaining some fame. They were surprised at how many fans came to see them, but on their way to stardom, they disbanded, partly due to Natsuko's dislike of the band. Gen continued his music business, but on the other hand, Takeyuki called quits from the music business. While they were talking in a car one day about getting the band back together, the car collided with another vehicle. Gen was unable to use his guitar anymore due to the accident, and Jo lost his life.


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