Tadashi Morizono
Kanji 森園正
Rōmaji Morizono Tadashi
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 16
Gender Male
Age (Rainbow Live) Late 30's
Current Residence Singapore (on business)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Relative(s) Futaba Morizono (Wife)

Wakana Morizono (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Kenji Nomura
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Tadashi Morizono is the father of Wakana and the husband of Futaba Morizono. He used to be a salaryman who was very focused on his work and was willing to sacrifice the happiness of his family for it. However, after seeing Futaba's true self during a fight, he returned to being his true self and reconciled with his wife and daughter.


Tadashi slacker

He is a very strict and a hard-working man. He always talks down to his wife. But he changed after coming back from Singapore. He is now energetic, less hard working and has changed to contacts. He learned to do laundry, cleaning, and cooking, though he is terrible at cooking. 


Tadashi's given name means "righteous" or "correct." His surname, Morizono, means "forest garden."

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