Symphonia Top of Friendship
Kanji ゆうじょうのシンフォニアトップス
Romaji Yūjou no Shinfonia Toppusu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Season 12 (Dear My Future)

Symphonia Top of Friendship is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Karin Shijimi in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


A white lace top with thin gold detailing all over the chest and lining the bottom. There is a white lace necklace attached to it, along with below the shoulder sleeves and tall white gloves.

In The Anime

Prizmmy Symphonia.jpg

Karin wore the Symphonia Top of Friendship as part of her Symphonia outfit in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

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