The Symphonia Series is designed by Kintaro Asechi, President Kyoko Asechi's father and is said to be the pinnacle of fashion by Yun-su. The Symphonia Series Prism Stones appears as prizes in some tournaments in the Symphonia Selection. For example, the prize for the winner of the Stand Up Girls Cup is the Symphonia Boots of the Beginning.


Although the Symphonia Series is so spectacular, its glimmer is said to catch the jealousy of both Prism Stars and the Prism Designers. As shown in Aira's Symphonia Dress when it shows the violet light shimmering around the stadium, it made some sort of stimuli to Mia, Hye In, Shou, and Yun-su.

Grateful Symphonia Dresses

These are the original Symphonia Dresses which were designed by Kintaro Asechi. The Grateful Symphonia Dress and the Awakening Symphonia Dress are the evolution(s) of the Pure White Wedding Dress and the Romantic Night Wedding Dress, while the Alluring Violet Dress Coord is Kintaro's latest creation for Aira in order to get MARs from Pretty Top.

Pretty Remake Grateful Symphonia Dresses

Shou had an idea of remaking the Symphonia Series after having a flashback when he was in Prism Stone with Aira in Aurora Dream. He and Yun-su worked together to remake the outfits for Prizmmy☆ and PURETTY.

Prizmmy☆ Symphonia Dresses 

PURETTY Symphonia Dresses


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