Symphonia Dress of Passion
121219 stone02
Kanji じょうねつのシンフォニアドレス
Romaji Ji~younetsu no Shinfonia Doresu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Season 13 (Dear My Future)
Symphonia Dress of Passion is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. It slightly resembles the Symphonia Dress of the Starlit Sky.


A pink striped sleeveless top with white scallop lining and a piped design on each segment. Solid apricot fabric is folded around the chest with the bottom lined by white frills and a thin black band inches from the top, where a black glittery butterfly is sewn to the center and adorned by a pearl. Puffed sleeves hang beneath the shoulder with black lining, and sewn to the back are a large cherry and gold pair of butterfly wings. The skirt is a pink to white gradient with the bottom shaped into four, large petals lined by black frills. On each point is a glittery bow. Two apricot layers of fabric stick out from the bottom, lined by black frills. Beneath the waist are two pearl chains that wrap around the skirt. Included is an apricot choker with a tiny butterfly charm on the corner, and black enamel gloves with frilly apricot lining.


Symphonia Mia
Mia wore the Symphonia Dress of Passion as her second Symphonia Dress.

In the anime, the stripe pattern was made thicker/lessened, and the butterfly on her chest has gold coloring the Prism Stone version lacks. The wings are also colored brighter and slightly shaped differently.


  • This was re-released as a Premium in Kiratto Prichan as the Symphonia of Passion Coord.


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