Suspender Raglan T-Shirt
Suspenders Raglan T-Shirt
Kanji サスペンダーラグランTシャツ
Rōmaji Sasupendā Raguran Tī Shatsu
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 02 (Rainbow Live)

Suspender Raglan T-Shirt is a pop-type tops worn by Ann Fukuhara in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A pearl yellow top with red neck and sleeves. Print on the torso are big lavender and light blue stars, and at the middle is a red cat head with a border. Beneath it, Summer is written. Over this are blue suspender straps, one with a yellow bow on it.

In the Anime

Ann wore the Suspender Raglan T-Shirt during summer.

In the anime, the design and pattern of the shirt are simplified. The neck, sleeves, and logo are orange.

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