Supple Lavender Yukata
Supple lavender yukata
Kanji しなやかラベンダーゆかた
Rōmaji Shinayaka Rabendā Yukata
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Season 05 (Aurora Dream)

Supple Lavender Yukata is a surprise-type Prism Stone worn by Rizumu Amamiya in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


A lavender yukata with the bottom becoming pale blue gradience. Randomly placed are violet, purple, and green flowers and leaf's. Around the waist is a thick band of violet with white flowers on it.

Appearance in the Anime

Aira Rizumu Mion yukata
The Supple Lavender Yukata is shown being worn by Rizumu Amamiya.
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