Sunny Spot Vest One Piece
Kanji ひだまりベストワンピ
Rōmaji Hida Mari Besuto Wanpi
Fashion Element Ethnic
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Sunny Spot Vest One Piece is a ethnic-type Prism Stone worn by Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

It resembles the Twinkle Sugar One Piece, Hydrangea Chiffon One Piece, and the Airy Lace Purple One Piece.


A yellow mini-dress covered in an orange floral pattern with green lea. At the bottom is a frilly trim to accent the strip on the hem. A turquoise vest is worn over this, and two bracelets are included.

There is also a dark peach version with yellow and red flowers and yellow vest.


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