Summer Vacation Separate
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Normal
Release(s) 10

 Summer Vacation Separate is a Surprise-type Prism Stone. 


A pale denim vest is worn with a blue and white striped bikini. It is tied at the center of the stomach, with a few small white buttons left loose. On the left of the chest is a red anchor with a blue and white striped heart on it. The bottom portion of the outfit is white denim with black string, a red and white belt with a blue and white heart in the center, and a matching design piece on the right leg. Comes with a red and white striped bracelet. 

Another colored variant exists for this outfit. It comes with a red, blue, and white striped tanktop while the vest is white. The belt and anchor are blue with red and white accenting, while the leg design and bracelet remains unchanged. The shorts are now blue denim and held with beige string. 


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