Studded Star T-Shirt
Kanji スタッズつきスターTシャツ
Rōmaji Sutazzu-tsuki Sutā Tīshatsu
Fashion Element Sexy
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 2

Studded Star T-Shirt is a sexy-type Prism Stone.


A skinny hot pink and black horizontal striped tank-top with black lining. A pearl pink off-shoulder top is worn over this with small silver dots around the top and a black and pink dotted star design on the left side. Three metallic bracelets are included.

In the Anime

Karin Shijimi wore this in the Prism World Cup in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

In the anime the pink stripes are less apparent, and the stars on the pink top are solid.

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