Strawberry Idol Pannier
Strawberry Idol Panniers
Kanji ストロベリーアイドルパニエ
Rōmaji Sutoroberī Aidoru Panie
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 11 (Dear My Future)

Strawberry Idol Pannier is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


A red pannier skirt shaped like a tutu in two layers. The top resembles two large petals resting above a white pleat layer. A single red line traces the hem.

In the Anime


Mia wore the Strawberry Idol Pannier as part of her COSMOs outfit in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

In the anime, the skirt does not resemble a tutu.

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