Starry Sky Parka
Kanji ほしぞらパーカ
Rōmaji Hoshi Zo-ra Pāka
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Starry Sky Parka is a pop-type Prism Stone. It shares it's shape with the Vivid Flashy Logo Parka. It was worn by Rizumu Amamiya.


A white top with Planet written in magenta with stars beneath it. A dark blue parka covered in white and indigo stars is worn over it, with a magenta collar, cuff, and bottom.



Aira had Rizumu try this top on as part of her Pretty Remake in Episode 2. She is also shown wearing it during a photo-shoot in a later episode.

In the anime the top isn't pure white, while the pink parts of the Prism Stone are reddish.

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