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Sprouts is a Prism Show unit composed of leader Reina Miyama, Ayami Ooruri, and Jae Eun. The source of their name comes from Mion's idea of a fresh beginning, and also the food bean sprouts. The unit was formed for the sake of participating in an upcoming Prism Show where only trios can enter. Pretty Top president Kyoko Asechi formed the team herself. The outfits that Sprouts wears are designed by both Shou and Yun-su. Sprouts focuses on the idea of helping people on romance issues, such as Ken's proposal to Kurumi.

Image Songs

Mirage JET

Sprouts Outfits

Reina and Jae Eun : Dance Butler Jacket, Dance Butler Long Pants, Dance Butler Shoes

Ayami: Dancing Happiness Ribbon Hair, Dancing Cat One Piece, Dancing Happiness Shoes

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