Soushi Takanashi
Soushi profile
Kanji 小鳥遊そうし
Rōmaji Takanashi Soushi
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 15
Gender Male
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Light Yellow
Eye Color Brown
Relative(s) Otoha's Grandfather (Father)

Otoha's Grandmother (Mother)

Otogi Takanashi (Wife)

Otoha Takanashi (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Hirofumi Nojima

Soushi Takanashi is the father of Otoha Takanashi and husband of Otogi Takanashi. He was raised in a rich family, and has an airheaded personality. He works as a stay-at-home dad. His talents include cooking fancy dishes and making perfume. Otoha seems to have inherited her catchphrase "Fairy Tale!" from him.


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