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Softly Milky Yukata
Softly Milky Yukata.gif
Kanji ふんわりミルキーゆかた
Rōmaji Funwari Mirukī Yukata
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 05 (Aurora Dream)

Softly Milky Yukata is a Surprise stone worn by Aira Harune in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


A pale green Yukata with pink gradient on the ends of each sleeve, and in a diagonal shape on the skirt. Randomly placed all over the dress are big magenta flowers with teal-green leafs, and below the chest is a thick pink band with a white flower on the side.


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Yukata Corsage Hair
Softly Milky Yukata
Yukata Asian Sandals

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