Kanji シャイン
Rōmaji Shain
First Appearance
Gender Male
Age (King of Prism) Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Hometown Prism World
Romantic Interest(s) Rinne
Hair Color White
Eye Color Left: Gold

Right: Red

Theme Color Red
Affiliation Unknown
Voiced by
Japanese Mitsuki Saiga

Shine, stylised as Sh/nɘ, (シャイン Shain) is the male counterpart of the Rinne / Shine Prism Messenger Program, and is the main antagonist of King of Prism. He was sealed within Shin since his birth.


In his original form, he is tall with long white hair. He has heterochromia eyes with his right eye being red and the left gold.

As Hibiki Wataru, he looks like Shin with slight differences, such as retaining his mismatched eyes.


He is shown as kind and enthusiastic at first. After witnessing the world's male Prism Stars, he is shown to be uncaring and cold. He has a twisted idea of love, which made Rinne angry and uncomfortable.

Role in Plot

Program Rinne / Shine

He was created by the Prism Gods as a part of the Rinne / Shine messenger program, with the duty of guiding male prism stars. However, after claiming the stars were "stubborn and willful", he decided to enter the Prism King Cup himself as Hibiki Wataru. Abandoning his duties as a Prism messenger, the gods of the Prism World ordered Rinne to kill him.

Image Songs

Prism Jumps

Solo Jumps

While controlling Shin, Shine can perform up to 7 jumps simultaneously using his special ability Prism Accel.


  • During his Prism show the karat system becomes crazy showing random large numbers at high speed.
  • Yamada mentions he was a fan of Hibiki Wataru who he met at the local rink, but found out that he was unable to search anything after all his records were erased.
  • His old stage name, Hibiki Wataru, might be referencing the Callings members Hibiki and Wataru.
    • His jumps are all from Aurora Dream as well.
  • He shares his VA with Hibiki Shikyoin from Pripara


Shine/Image Gallery

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