Shall We Go?!
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AMV プリティーリズム・オーロラドリーム 久里須かなめ 「Shall we go」

AMV プリティーリズム・オーロラドリーム 久里須かなめ 「Shall we go」

Kanji Shall We Go?!
Romaji Shall We Go?!
Artist Kanae Itou
Released Mar 16, 2012
Genre J-Pop
Anime Information
Anime Debut Episode 42
Anime Insert Singers Kaname Amamiya
CD Information
91KVX6vyWJL. SL1500
Album Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Prism☆Music Collection DX
Tracklist -Disc 1-
You May Dream

Meramera Heart ga Atsuku Naru
Happy GO Lucky! ~Happy☆Lucky de GO!~
Dream Goes On
Kokoro Juuden!
Switch On My Heart
1/1000 Eien no Bigaku
We Will Win! -KOKORO no BATON de PO·PON no PO~N☆
Hop! Step!! Jump!!!
Never Let me Down ~Do Your Best!~
Itoshi no Tinker Bell
1000% Kyun-Kyunsasete yo□
Pretty Rhythm de Go!
Shall We Go?!
Don't Give Up
Wonderful World
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy [TV Size]

Shall We Go?! is the first song of Kaname Amamiya. It was first used in Aurora Dream - Episode 42.


Nee, naze YUME wa itsumo Oikakeru to sugu ni
Kieru mono nano kana? Oshiete hoshii

Nee, doushite KOKORO wa Kako ni kodawaru no?
Kyou yori asu no jibun shinjiteitai

Nee, namida wa kanarazu Itsuka wa kawaku!?
Shall We Go?!

Saa, Dance! Dance! Dance! Itsu made mo
Soh, Try! Try! Try! Nando demo
Atsuku atsuku moete Kawarazu iyou

Saa, Step! Step! Step! Doko made mo
Sō, Clap! Clap! Clap! Genki yoku
Sora no kanata Tobi dashite yukou!!

ねぇ、なぜユメはいつも 追いかけると直ぐに
消えるものなのかな? 教えて欲しい

ねぇ、どうしてココロは 過去にこだわるの?
今日より明日の自分 信じていたい

ねぇ、涙は必ず いつかは乾く!?
Shall We Go?!

さぁ、Dance! Dance! Dance! 何時(いつ)までも
そぉ、Try! Try! Try! 何度でも
熱く熱く燃えて 変わらずいよう

さぁ、Step! Step! Step! 何処までも
そぉ、Clap! Clap! Clap! 元気良く
空の彼方 飛び出して行(ゆ)こう!!

Hey, why is it that when you chase after dreams,
They disappear right away? I want you to tell me.

Hey, why does the heart always obsess over the past?
I want to believe in the me of tomorrow rather than the one of today.

Hey, why is it that when you chase after dreams,
They disappear right away? I want you to tell me.

Hey, teardrops will someday certainly dry, right!?
Shall We Go?!

Hey, teardrops will someday certainly dry, right!?
Shall We Go?!

Now, Dance! Dance! Whenever.
Yeah, Try! Try! Try! No matter how many times.
Let's stay the way we are, burning hot, hot.

Now, Step! Step! Step! Wherever.
Yeah, Clap! Clap! Clap! Full of energy.
Let's fly past the horizon of the sky!!


Type Song Duration Audio
Vocal Shall We Go?! 1:37


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