Seventh Coordinate Cool Shoes Brilliant Style
Cool Shoes Brilliant Style
Kanji セブンスコーデクールシューズブリリアントスタイル
Rōmaji Sebunsu Kōde Kūru Shūzu Buririanto Sutairu
Fashion Element Cool
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Seventh Coordinate Cool Shoes Brilliant Style is the evolved form of the Seventh Coordinate Cool Shoes. It goes together with the Seventh Coordinate Cool Dress Brilliant Style. It is worn by Ito Suzuno in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


In this form, the boots remain the same. The only addition is a pearl chain wrapped around the right leg.



Seventh Coord Cool Shoes Brillant Style

Ito gained these to match her upgraded form of the Seventh Coord Cool Dress.

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