Seventh Coordinate Cool Dress Brilliant Style
Cool Dress Brilliant Style
Kanji セブンスコーデクールドレスブリリアントスタイル
Rōmaji Sebunsu Kōde Kūru Doresu Buririanto Sutairu
Fashion Element Cool
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Seventh Coordinate Cool Dress Brilliant Style is the evolved form of the Seventh Coordinate Cool Dress. It goes to together with the Seventh Coordinate Cool Shoes Brilliant Style worn by Ito Suzuno in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


The collar gains thin white lining while the black stripe has five white straps attached by purple buttons. Glitter coats the purple fabric of the top and bottoms, and the buttons on the waistband are laced with string. The user gains black angle-cut sleeves with holes on the side that exposes a portion of skin. On the chest is a silver music note pin.



Seventh Coord Cool Dress Brillant Style

Ito gained this upgraded form of her previous outfit and started to wear it.

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