Kanon & Serena as the original members of Serenon.

Serenon is a Prism Show duet consisting of Serena Jounouchi and Kanon Toudou. They stand out from the rest of the Prism Show competitors because of their strong bond, and also because of their constant comedy-gags and Kansai dialect that shows in their speech. In their spare time they perform as a Manzai Duo.

They taught MARs a hard lesson about Prism Shows when they first met and later got on to be rivals, and in rare cases allies.

Late in Aurora Dream they gain a third member, Kaname Chris and temporarily become Serenon With K. At the end of the season they become an official trio unit

Serenon With K

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Kaname joins Team Serenon for the Crystal High Heel Cup.

Kaname temporarily joined as a member of Serenon for the Crystal High Heel Cup, in which it was necessary to have a trio. Kaname solved the problem for Serenon, a previous duo, by joining them as a guest at the order of Sonata. Kaname joined Serenon once again in Dear My Future as part of their permanent unit, becoming the unit "Serenon With Kaname".

Dear My Future

In Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, Serenon continues to compete with MARs.


Serenon and Kaname in 'Life is Just a Miracle'

Kaname also continues to team up with Serenon in the Crystal High Heel Cup until MARs decides to compete in the Road To Symphonia, Serenon follows on. Serena, Kanon, and Kaname all join as new members of Pretty Top as well. Sometimes they are often giving advice to PURETTY about having fun while performing whether it's Manzai or a Prism Show. In Dear My Future, Serena, Kanon, and Kaname seem to have become more of a group when Kaname finally performs her first Manzai with them during their Prism Act.

During the Road to Symphonia Arc, Serenon (along with Kaname) performed a new song called Yoinakaso, thus managing to take 2nd place in the tournament below MAR's. Later on, the trio would attempt rescue Aira, only for her to tell them that they were not worthy of passing through the gate leading toward Symphonia, which led to their eventual defeat and were also forced to sign contracts with the Symphonia Syndicate.


Summer Queen Cup - Won

Crystal High Heel Cup - Lost

Prism Jumps

Image Songs

Never Let Me Down ~Do Your Best!~ (Never Let me Down ~がんばりやぁ!~; Never Let me Down ~Ganbari yaa!~)

Yoinakaso♪ (よいなかそ♪)

Serenon Outfits

Aurora Dream

Serena Jounouchi: Satin Ribbon Mini Hat, Gothic Devil One Piece, Devil Long Boots

Kanon Toudou: Melty Angel Hair, Melty Angel One Piece, Classical Tights & Enamel Pumps

Kaname Chris: Devigel Mix One Piece, Devigel Boots

Dear My Future

Serena Jounochi: Serena Devil Hair, Gold Devil One Piece, Gold Devil Boots

Kanon Toudou: Kanon Angel Hair, Silver Angel One Piece, Silver Angel Pumps

Kaname Chris: Kaname Devigel Hair, Brilliant Devigel One Piece, Brilliant Devigel Boots

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