Serena Jounouchi is one of the members of Serenon, along with her best friend Kanon Toudou, the Prism Show duet, a member of the Serenon manzai duet as the "boke" (lit. idiot) of the group, and the daughter of Steven Jounouchi of the Jounouchi Company. She is extremely competitive, and has a special rivalry with Mion, as she was the previous Prism Queen.


At first glance, the words brash and haughty would be accurate descriptions for the only heir to the Jounouchi family. Serena is very hot-tempered and prone to meltdowns, especially when her schemes don't go as planned. She also possesses some arrogant traits, often mocking those whom she sees as below her own standards. Despite her arrogance, she actually cares for her partner, Kanon and is willing to back her up in any situation despite their differences. She also respects Mion enough to a certain degree, and eventually warms up to MARs in the end. In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, she takes on a more mature persona, often handing out proper advice to PURETTY.


Serena has short blonde hair and bright aqua blue eyes, which is due to her being half French. In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, she grew out her hair just a little bit longer.

Role in the Plot


Serena as she is seen in "Aurora Dream" at age 14.

Aira, Rizumu, and Mion first meet Serena and her Prism Show team partner, Kanon, at a tournament. The two ridicule Aira and Rizumu for taking the competition too lightly, and show them their Prism Show in the competition. Their outfits shock the team, as even though they are not the same as each other, they match. Serenon wins the competition and forces the three to rethink their strategies.

Later on, Serenon meets MARs in Kyoto when Aira and Rizumu are on their school trip. Serena tags along with Kanon's rivalry with Rizumu in her love for Hibiki on the television show Go!Go! Callings, competing against the idol group on the game show.

Serena and Kanon are invited by Yuri to participate in a basketball match with MARs, to which the two happily agree to. In fact, it was Serena's father Steven Jounouchi who provided the location and equipment for the match. Despite her fervor to win against her rival Mion, Serenon and Yuri lose to MARs.

Some time afterward, Serenon would participate in a survival contest alongside MARs in Okinawa, where their main objective was to locate the legendary Venus dolphin with a heart-shaped mark on its forehead. Both girls tried fishing, only to find out that their quarry was none other than Pengie-sensei and a surfing Yamada-san, much to their shock. In an effort to prevent their rivals from progressing, Serena attempted to scare them off by dressing up in a shark costume, only for the plan to fail when Rizumu beat her up while inside the suit.

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Serenon 3 years later

Serenon as they appear 3 years later in "Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future".

Since her Prism Show agency was dissolved, she was taken in, along with Kanon, into Pretty Top by Kyoko Asechi. She appears to still be doing work with Kanon, and still doing manzai, as shown by the clothes she wears, which is typical for manzai comedy performers.

During the P-nation, she makes her first official appearance alongside Kanon, where she gives PURETTY some advice on how to handle the pressure of being Prism Stars. She also performs a Manzai Prism Act alongside Kanon and Kaname.

Image Songs

Wonderful World

Serena's Outfits

Serenon Outfits (Aurora Dream):

Satin Ribbon Mini Hat, Gothic Devil One Piece, Devil Long Boots

Serenon Outfits (Dear My Future):

Serena Devil Hair, Gold Devil One Piece, Gold Devil Boots

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future): Summer

Dot Tie Leather Vest, Black Belt Denim Miniskirt, Gladiator Boots

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future): Winter

Monotone Modern Coat, Smart Skinny Pants, Chic Simple Booties


Serena's given name is an English name meaning "calm." Her surname, Jounouchi, is very common in Japan, but means "within the castle."


  • Serena is one of the three only characters from the arcade game who moved on to the anime and later franchises.
  • In the original arcade game, Serena did not have a Kansai dialect.
  • Even after appearing in the anime, she has been voiced by Satomi Satou in the arcade game.
  • She shares her surname, Jounouchi, with Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.


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