Sentarou Fukuhara
Kanji 福原 煎太郎
Rōmaji Fukuhara Sentarō
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 1
Gender Male
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Relative(s) Yuriko Fukuhara (Wife)

Ann Fukuhara (Daughter)
Mary Fukuhara (Mother)

Voiced by

Sentarou Fukuhara is the father of Ann Fukuhara and husband of Yuriko Fukuhara. He and his family owns a senbei shop. He is quite fierce and not a fan of sweets. He wants Ann to take over the shop someday, but she wants to run a confectionery. Just like his daughter, he likes mysterious things like aliens. In the past, he was a kind man and supported Ann in her Prism Shows. He did not tell his daughter, but he worked as a pastry chef in the past.


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