Logo of Schwarz Rose

Schwarz Rose is an agency of Prism Stars similar to Edel Rose and Pretty Top. Jin Norizuki formed the agency after being driven out of his position as Edel Rose's supervisor by his father. He seeks for revenge and plans to crush Edel Rose.The Jūōin Conglomerate, which is the business Kakeru's family runs, invests in Schwarz Rose.


Schwarz Rose was founded by Jin Norizuki. After being fired from his position as Edel Rose's supervisor by his father, Jin decided to start his own Prism Show agency to rival Edel Rose and gain revenge on it. Most of Schwarz Rose's students transferred from Edel Rose.



Like Edel Rose, Schwarz Rose is an elite school specializing in training Prism Stars. Most of the talented students of Edel Rose left and joined Schwarz Rose after its creation.



  • Although Schwarz Rose is symbolized as a dark blue indigo rose, "Schwarz" is German for "Black", meaning a "Black Rose".
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