Ryutaro & Sonata's Second Daughter
New baby
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
First Appearance
Gender Female
Current Residence Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Relative(s) Sonata Amamiya (Mother)

Ryutaro Amamiya (Father) Rizumu Amamiya (Older Sister) Kaname Chris (Adopted Sister) Hibiki Toudou (Brother-in-law; DMF only) Kanon Toudou (Sister-in-law; DMF only)

Voiced by
Japanese None

The unnamed second daughter of Sonata and Ryutaro. She was born sometime in the 3 years time between Aurora Dream and Dear My Future. She is somewhere around one year old, has red hair, and is always seen with a teddy-bear outfit.

Role in the plot

Last scene ryutaro

Sonata, Ryutaro, and their unnamed daughter in their last scene in Dear My Future

She is seen in a flashback first when Sonata protects Kyoko from her father's accusations and is secondly seen at the very end when Hibiki and Rizumu are on their honeymoon, watching the couple in her mother's arms.


Their daughter's existence is never explained, nor do fans even know if it is truly a girl, but due to its feminine features, many consider this child to be the second biological daughter of Ryutaro and Sonata.

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