Royal Märchen Princess Dress
Royal Meruhen Princess Dress
Kanji ロイヤルメルヘンプリンセスドレス
Rōmaji Roiyaru Meruhen Purinsesu Doresu
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Royal Märchen Princess Dress is a feminine-type dress worn by Otoha Takanashi in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A white off-shoulder with pufy sleeves and lining of frills to match the top. At the middle is a daisy flower and a tiny yellow bow. The skirt is scalloped with a purple flower on the corner, with purple scalloped fabric lined in gold beneath it, followed by another white layer lined by purple flowers. Yellow pleat fabric sticks out from the bottom. White elbow gloves are included.

In the Anime

Otoha wore the Royal Märchen Princess Dress as her duo outfit.
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