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Ritsu Renjouji
Kanji 蓮城寺 律
Rōmaji Renjōji Ritsu
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 17
Gender Female
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Dark Green
Relative(s) Yukihide Renjouji (Husband)

Bell Renjouji (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Yoko Soumi

Ritsu Renjouji (蓮城寺 律 Renjōji Ritsu) is the wife of Yukihide Renjouji and the mother of Bell Renjoji.


Ritsu is a very strict and prideful woman who expects perfect results from Bell Renjoji.

Role In Plot

Ritsu appears in Wakana Morizono's flashback where she is first mentioned by Bell Renjoji, who cries because of her less than perfect score on a recent test. When Bell arrives home, she scolds her, only to be convinced by Wakana that Bell's grade was better than she thought it to be.

She later appears, watching over Bell practicing her violin. She then states that Bell must win the next contest, and says that there is no point if Bell isn't on top whether it is studies, prism shows or violin. Upon hearing of the new scoring system regarding Prism Lives, she immediately expects her daughter to know how to do it as well.

When Bell gets home after many failed attempts at the Prism Live, Ritsu approaches her and says that a politician who has been helping her father has a daughter, and they both wants to see a Prism Live personally on her upcoming birthday. Ritsu then goes on to say that failure is unacceptable.

When her daughter fails to do the Prism Live during the party, in response to Bell's plea of doing it next time, angrily states that it won't be happening, and concludes that if Bell can't be up top, there is no point. She tells Bell that perhaps it would be better to focus solely on violin after this, and states she knows a good school in France. She then furiously tells Bell that her days of Prism Shows are over.


  • The name Ritsu means "law, commandment" (律).
  • Ritsu's surname Renjoji means "lotus, water lily" (蓮) (ren), "castle" (城) (jo) and "temple" (寺) (ji), which literally means "Lotus palace temple" altogether.


  • Ritsu is voiced by Yoko Soumi, who also voices Kei Asechi in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream & Dear My Future.