Kanji りんね
Rōmaji Rinne
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 1
Gender Female
Hometown Prism World
Current Residence Prism World (as of RL ep 51)
Hair Color Cobalt blue
Eye Color Aqua blue
Theme Color White
Fashion Element Star
Affiliation Prism Stone Harajuku
Animal Coach Starn
Rainbow Live Instrument Electric Guitar
Relative(s) Juné Amou (part of herself)
Voiced by
Japanese Ayane Sakura

Rinne is a mysterious girl from the Prism World who looks about 14-15 years old. Rinne has amnesia, and therefore can't remember anything about her past. Silent, but when she does speak, it's only a word or two. She's usually unemotional, but when it comes to Prism Shows, her entire personality changes. Able to show her superior Prism Show techniques, she is considered the ultimate Prism Star of her time. She is actually a messenger from the Prism World whose duty is to spread the Prism Sparkle to other worlds. At the end of the season, she leaves Earth along with Starn to continue her duty.


Rinne's height shows that she appears to be around 14-15 years old. She has short and wavy dark blue hair with a slightly longer fringe, and it's usually clipped back with a green clip attached with three silver hearts. Her eyes are round and blue. Rinne is cute, quiet yet funny. In most of her Prism Shows, she wears the Rainbow Wedding dress, a slightly altered version of the Pure White Wedding Dress in Aurora Dream, along with the Pure Crystal Tiara, and the Miracle Rainbow Boots. She wears an expressionless face for most of the time due to her amnesia, but she starts to smile a bit more throughout the series. Rinne is the reason for the smiles on the faces of many characters in Rainbow Live when they were upset.


Rinne is shown to be happy and quite outgoing, but when she lost her memory, she appeared to be emotionless most of the time. Due to her amnesia, she can also be a bit naive, which attracts many males with her mysterious nature. Her expression starts to change when Naru teaches her the meaning of 'happiness'. When performing in Prism Shows, Rinne is the exact opposite of her emotionless self, as she clearly can be seen smiling happily.

Image Songs


Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend (with Juné Amou)

Prism Jumps

Rinne often performs Prism Shows out of her liking. She is one of the best Prism Stars, along with Juné. Rinne is capable of performing six consecutive Prism Jumps. With Naru, Rinne can perform four consecutive Prism Jumps, while with Juné, Rinne can perform two consecutive Prism Jumps.

Solo Jumps

Duo Jumps



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