Rainbow Ron-T
Kanji レインボーロンT
Rōmaji Reinbō Ron T
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Rainbow Ron-T is a pop-type Prism Stone. It was designed by Shou during Episode 10 of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, and later modeled by Aira Harune

It resembles the Spot Kazi Rainbow Ron-T.


A white off-shoulder with a magenta stripe around the bottom and ribbon tied on each shoulder. On the chest is orange gradient Prism Sugar Girl surrounded by light blue and yellow stars. Beneath it is a rainbow with designs on it. The skirt is a two-layered red check pleat. A red and white striped bracelet is included.


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Shou had been preparing an outfit like this one during his day with Aira, but when he struggled to come up with an idea on making it better and she easily managed to offer advice, he angrily told her off and left.

He later redesigned it and gave it to Aira as an apology. To show it's importance, she decided to wear it for the upcoming Prism Show.


The skirt and design is overall simplified in detail, and the writing is removed from the chest. Later Prism is added to it.



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