Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live is a television anime series produced by Tatsunoko Production. It is a sequel to Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, which is based on the Japanese Pretty Rhythm arcade game franchise by Takara Tomy. Separating itself from Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, the story mainly revolves around Naru Ayase, a girl who becomes the middle-school manager of the Prism Stone Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. The series aired on TV Tokyo between April 6, 2013 to March 29, 2014. It was followed by Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection.

List of Episodes

# Title Original Airdate
01 "I'm Naru! I'll Become the Manager!"
"Watashi wa Naru! Tenchou ni Na~ru!" (私はなる!店長にな~る!)
April 6, 2013
While looking for work experience, Naru Ayase sets her eyes on a clothing store similar to her favorite store Dear Crown, known as Prism Stone, which is recruiting middle school girls to become shop manager and immediately applies. Applicants are required to do a Prism Show and despite having no experience and little time, Naru executes a new Prism Show technique, the Prism Live. Just when she was about to perform a Prism Jump, a mysterious girl interrupts the show and performed four consecutive Prism Jumps, causing Naru to be selected to become Prism Stone's shop manager.
02 "Leave it to Ann! Pop'n Sweets!"
"Ann ni Omakase! Poppun Suītsu!" (あんにお任せ!ポップンスイーツ!)
April 13, 2013
Ann Fukuhara argues with her father about her love of sweets. At Prism Stone, Naru is tasked with creating prototypes of desserts to be served at the store and goes to the sweets buffet for ideas. Naru meets Ann at the buffet and the two converse, with the former learning of Ann's knowledge and skill in making sweets. Later, Ann finds Naru failing in her attempt to bake a cake and lends her a hand. She is offered a chance to work at Prism Stone, in charge of the shop's sweets corner. Getting acceptance from Chisato, Ann must perform a Prism Show. Ann performs two consecutive Prism Jumps and a Prism Live. After Ann's performance, the mysterious girl from Naru's audition arrives, introducing herself as Rinne, and Ann is hired at Prism Stone.
03 "Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT"
"Kurosu ga Ito? COOL & Hotto" (クロスがいと? COOL & HOT)
April 20, 2013
Naru is tasked with finding someone to be in charge of Prism Stone's makeup corner. After seeing her classmate Ito "Cross" Suzuno's makeup, Naru asks Ito to work at Prism Stone. Ito at first refuses, but is convinced by Lovelin, Poppun, and Ito's own Pair Friend, Cooloon. At her Prism Show examination, Ito performs a Prism Live in addition to two consecutive Prism Jumps and is hired.
04 "Welcome to the Prism Stone Easter!"
"Purizumu Sutoon Iisutaa ni Youkoso!" (プリズムストーン イースターにようこそ!)
April 27, 2013
In order to bring in more customers, Prism Stone is holding an Easter event. Thanks to the help of Rinne, Naru finds inspiration for the event. On the day of the Easter event, Naru performs a Prism Show and Rinne once again joins Naru on stage. They perform a dual Prism Live and Rinne performs her four consecutive Prism Jumps shocking Bell, Wakana, and Otoha who came to watch. With their first event a success, the Prism Stone team celebrates, with Ito finally letting Naru and Ann call her by her real name.
05 "My Song is a Multi♡Colored~dream"
"Watashi no Uta wa Iro♡Toridorīmu" (私の歌は色♡トリドリーム)
May 4, 2013
As Prism Stone gains more customers, Chisato feels that it's time for a new Prism Show tasks Naru with creating her own song by Saturday. Naru has trouble coming up with a My Song, and asks for help from the boy who she hears singing on an apartment rooftop every time she comes home from school. At first Kouji Mihama refuses but Naru later goes to apologize to Kouji and manages to convey to him that his song made her feel happy. Kouji agrees to write her a song, but she must never tell anyone he was the one who wrote it. Naru receives the song from Kouji and successfully pulls off her first Prism Jump.
06 "The Cool Heart Beats with Heat!"
"Kūruna Hāto ga Bīto de Hīto!" (クールなハートがビートでヒート!)
May 11, 2013
Chisato announces that the Prism Stone Shop is going on a tour, with the first stop being the all-boys school Kakkyouin Academy. Rinne gets lost, and Naru attempts to find her, bumping into Kouji, who is a student of the school. Naru also meets Hiro Hayami, unbeknownst to her Hiro is the one who stole Kouji's song and is using the song for his Prism Star debut. Naru and Kouji soon meet up with Ann, Ito, and Chisato. Ito decides she will perform a Prism Show rather than Naru, debuting with her My Song. Rinne soon returns to the others, having won the Miss Kakkyouin contest.
07 "Sweet Magic for a Sour Dad"
"Ganko Oyaji ni Suīto Majikku" (がンコ親父にスイートマジック)
May 18, 2013
Chisato asks the girls to invite their parents over to Prism Stone for formal greetings however Ann and Ito are not on very good terms with their fathers. Ann has not yet told her father about her job knowing he would force her to quit. After Ann's father learns that Ann is making sweets at Prism Stone, he kicks Ann out of the house. Ann, along with Rinne, stay at Naru's house for the night, where Rinne comes up with a new design for Ann using the dress Ann wore for her very first Prism Show. Ann wears the design for her My Song debut, and her father, reminded of Ann's first Prism Show, agrees to let her continue working at Prism Stone.
08 "The Boys' Contest is a Dance Battle!"
"Otoko no Shōbu wa Dansu Batoru" (男の勝負はダンスバトル)
May 25, 2013
Wakana accuses Ann of stealing her My Song and Ann says that the song was written by Kazuki Nishina who gave it to her when he graduated. In order to prove her claim, Ann, Naru, and Ito meet up with Kazuki, who says that the one who wrote the song was not him, but Kouji, who had given it to him when Kouji dropped out of Edel Rose. Hiro, Bell, Wakana, and Otoha meet up with the Prism Stone team, with Hiro revealing that Kouji was supposed to debut with him, but "chickened out", according to Wakana. Kazuki challenges Hiro to a dance battle and if he wins the song belongs to Ann. Before the dance battle began, Kazuki sprained his ankle and Hiro wins. However, Kouji arrives, saying he gave the song to Kazuki, allowing Ann to continue using the song.
09 "A Prism Live is a Storm After Sunshine"
"Purizumu Raibu wa Hare no Chi Arashi" (プリズムライブは晴れのち嵐)
June 1, 2013
In order to confirm whether or not Rinne can actually do four consecutive Prism Jumps, Bell, Wakana, and Otoha invite Prism Stone to an Edel Rose Prism Show. However, Chisato says Rinne can't go due to urgent business. Due to this, Prism Stone cannot perform at Edel Rose, as all four members aren't there. Naru and Ann spot Rinne and go after her. Ann and Wakana decide to hold a Prism Show contest in which the loser must quit Prism Shows for good. Fortunately, a rainstorm occurs before the contest begin. The six girls see Rinne dancing in the rain, singing her My Song. She performs her consecutive jumps, confirming that the four jumps is no magic trick. The Prism Stone girls learn that Bell, Wakana, and Otoha are preparing for the Dreaming Session, an upcoming Prism Show tournament, in which they decide to enter themselves.
10 "The Mysterious Creature Appears at Prism Stone!"
"Nazo no Seibutsu Purizumu Sutōn ni Arawaru!" (謎の生物 プリズムストーンに現る!)
June 8, 2013
For the sake of Ann's battle with Wakana, Naru and Ito agree to sign up for Dreaming Session where a team of three is required. When Bell tells them that they have no right to join, the three give a second thought about applying. Meanwhile, a recurring mysterious creature has been eating the sweets at Prism Stone and Ann wants to get to the bottom of it.
11 "Go for Dreaming Session!"
"Go Fō Dorīmingu Sesshon!" (Go for ドリーミングセッション!)
June 15, 2013
It is time for the Dreaming Session tournament and Naru and the others are up against Bell's team in the first round. Ito and Otoha are to perform against each other first, but Ito decides to back out on the day of the tournament.
12 "Fly! Feathers of Courage"
"Habatake! Yuuki no Fezā" (はばたけ!勇気の羽)
June 22, 2013
After learning that Prism Lives aren't legible for scoring, Ann decides to go for three consecutive jumps against Wakana who doesn't have the courage to do so. Wakana performs first and manages to do two jumps in a row but as she was about to do a third jump she remembered Bell's words warning her not to fail and finishes her performance without doing a third jump. Ann, who was determined to win, attempts to do a third jump but had a bad landing and falls down. Wakana wins and Ann cries backstage for her failures and her overconfidence to win so badly.
13 "The Rainbow Bridge That Connects Hearts"
"Kokoro o Tsunagu Niji no Kakehashi" (心をつなぐ虹のかけ橋)
June 29, 2013
It is time for the battle between Bell and Naru. Bell performs three consecutive Prism Jumps and after witnessing Bell's performance, Naru becomes too intimidated to perform against her and thus is unable to see the colors of music. Naru starts to cry on stage and Kouji sings Naru's song from the audience to make her feel better and it succeeded. Naru starts to see the colors of music and successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps like Bell. Unfortunately, Naru is given a 0 because she passed the time limit, meaning victory for Bell's team. When Naru and Bell are about to shake hands, Bell slaps her hand says she hates Naru and Prism Stone, but Naru doesn't mind because she and her friends will train and work hard to become stronger.
14 "Rinne's Secret"
"Rinne no Himitsu" (りんねの秘密)
July 6, 2013
The chairman of Prism Shows, Hijiri Himuro, visits Prism Stone personally for a request. Afterwards, Naru, Ann, and Ito learn of Rinne's true identity as a messenger from the Prism World, as well as Chisato's true identity as the Pair Friend, Momo, who is also the mysterious creature eating the sweets at Prism Stone.
15 "Otoha's Fairytale Tea Party"
"Otoha no Meruhen Tī Pātī" (おとはのメルヘンティーパーティー)
July 13, 2013
Bell overhears that Otoha receives more fan mail than her and is more popular among the underclassmen at Edel Rose. Bell decides its time for Otoha to make her own team and drives her out of Edel Rose. She is taken in by Prism Stone suggesting a tea party for their event, and together they work towards making this next event successful.
16 "Wakana's Happy Freedom! Meow"
"Wakana, Happi ̄Furīdamu! Nya" (わかな,はっぴーフリーダム!にや)
July 20, 2013
Prism Lives are now all the rage, and to become better Prism Stars, Naru and the others decide to learn dancing from Kazuki. Meanwhile, there is a festival going on and Wakana decides to attend. Prism Stone decides to hold a Prism Show at the festival. Kazuki teaches Wakana that it is okay to fail and to become more free. Wakana performs on the Prism Stone stage and completes three consecutive Prism Jumps in a row.
17 "Noble and Strong, Bell Blooms"
"Kedakaku Tsuyoku Beru wa Saku" (気高く強くベるは咲く)
July 27, 2013
Bell is offered to perform a Prism Show at Dear Crown which normally features Juné Amou. As a representative of Edel Rose, Bell starts to overwork herself and extend her practice time which results herself in a fever. Wakana is concerned about Bell and ask Otoha for help because Otoha understands how to deal with Bell's condition better than her.
18 "I'm Hiro! Absolute Idol☆Love・No・Good"
"Ore wa Hiro! Zettai Aidoru ☆ Ai N G" (俺はヒロ!絶対アイドル☆愛・N・G)
August 3, 2013
Hijiri Himuro comes to Prism Stone and invite the girls to the upcoming Heartbeat Days Session. It is time for Hiro's major debut at Dear Crown, but he does not have a song. Hiro asks Ito to create a song for him in place of Kouji who refused to give Hiro his songs. On the day Hiro came to pick up the song, Kouji allows Hiro to use his song instead of Ito's and she gets mad at him for interfering. During Hiro's major debut, he claims to the audience that the composer and writer was himself.
19 "The String That Links Our Hearts"
"Kokoro o Musubu Ito" (心を結ぶいと)
August 10, 2013
After Kouji takes on Ito's job at the last minute giving Hiro his song, Ito stops going to Prism Stone. When she returns, she is unable to perform a Prism Live. Ito learns from Kazuki that Kouji's dad had passed away from a car accident and she is reminded of her past. Kouji talks about his past when he was in Edel Rose. Kouji and Hiro were going to debut with his song but it was announced to the public that the composer was Hiro and Kouji left Edel Rose. Kouji did not want the same thing to happen to Ito.
20 "Our Hearts Together at the Heartbeat Session!"
"Kokoro Kasanete Tokimeki Sesshon!" (


August 17, 2013
The Heartbeat Days Session has arrived and Naru has no idea what kind of show they should put on. Since it's a free performance and no actual pointing system, Naru comes up with the idea to make the audience sing along with them and then Ann and Ito will join her to do their Prism Lives. On the other hand, Bell is planning to attempt a four jump chain despite learning three not long ago.
21 "The Second Audition"
"Ni do me no Ōdishon" (2度目のオーディション)
August 24, 2013
The Try! Groovin' Session has been announced where Prism Stars perform in a group of three and Prism Lives are now eligible for scoring. Bell decides to hold an audition to replace Otoha for the upcoming tournament. Meanwhile, Otoha is determined to learn how to perform a Prism Live thinking Bell might let her return as it's finally legible for scoring.
22 "A Promise and the Special Sandwich"
"Yakusoku to Supesharu Sando" (約束とスペシャルサンド)
August 31, 2013
Ito hasn't done her summer homework yet so she doesn't have time to write a new song for the Try! Groovin' Session. Prism Stone turns to Kouji who accepts to write one. Meanwhile, Wakana asks Ann to do a practice match with her but she never shows up. Rinne makes a promise to the kindergarteners to perform a Prism Show and Ann performs instead. Wakana finally shows up with an old picture and calls Ann a hypocrite for breaking and not remembering her promise to her in the past.
23 "The Prism Wind Carrying Our Memories"
"Omoide Hakobu Purizumu no Kaze" (思い出運ぶプリズムの風)
September 7, 2013
After seeing Wakana with her hair down, Kazuki realizes that Wakana went to the same elementary school as him and Ann. Ann is unable to recall the promise she broke to Wakana and asks her to tell her. Wakana reveals their past surrounding Prism Shows and tells her that she stole her Prism Show. After clearing up a misunderstanding, Wakana and Ann reaffirm their friendship and Wakana successfully performs a Prism Live.
24 "The Lonely Queen"
"Hitoribotchi no Joō" (ひとりぼっちの女王)
September 14, 2013
Bell is pressured by her mother to perform a Prism Live at a birthday party where she will present her Prism Show in front of many famous people. Meanwhile, Kouji finishes writing the song for Prism Stone and Ito realizes that Kouji had rearranged the song that she originally created for Hiro. At the party Bell fails to perform a Prism Live. Afterward, her mother tells Bell that her Prism Show days are over and they will be moving to France in order to focus on her violin.
25 "Goodbye, Bell"
"Sayonara, Beru" (さよなら,べる)
September 21, 2013
Bell believes she has no right to be with Otoha and Wakana now that she has learned that she cannot perform a Prism Live and disappears. On the day of the tournament, Otoha and Wakana chase Bell to the airport and manage to convince her not to go to France with her mother. Reaffirming their friendship, Bell, Wakana, and Otoha manage to get to the Try! Groovin' Session tournament on time and perform under their new group name, Bell Rose.
26 "The Happy Rain Calls the Rainbow"
"Niji o Yobu Happī Rein" (虹を呼ぶハッピーレイン)
September 28, 2013
It is almost Prism Stone's turn to perform and Ito still refuses to perform with the song Kouji had rearranged without her permission. Naru gets mad at Ito and tells her that both Kouji and Ito like each other. Ito is convinced by Naru and runs after Kouji and the two confess their love for each other. Just before they go on stage, Chisato decides that the girls should come up with a unit name. Ito suggested the name Rain, as it included the initials of the three girls and Rinne. As Ann thought it was too gloomy, Naru decided to name themselves Happy Rain♪. It is now their turn to perform and they win at the Try! Groovin' Session over Bell Rose.
27 "Peacock-sensei is Angry!"
"Pikokku-sensei Okoru!" (ピコック先生 怒る!)
October 5, 2013
Momo dreams of Peacock-sensei, who tells her that she must regain the Prism Sparkle and return Rinne to the Prism World as soon as possible. Peacock-sensei explains that to do this, the Seven Glimmers must shine as brightly as possible, and the gate to the Prism World will open.
28 "Prism Talk with Juné-sama!"
"June-sama to Issho ni Purizumu Tōku!" (ジュネ様と一緒にプリズムトーク!)
October 12, 2013
Happy Rain♪ is invited to perform on Dear Crown's stage and have a talk show with Juné. Natsuko Mihama, who is Kouji's mother and also the general manager of Dear Crown, personally arrives at Prism Stone to welcome them and finds out about Kouji's relationship with Ito. During the talk show, Juné announces that in her next Prism Show she will perform both a Prism Live and five consecutive Prism Jumps.
29 "I'm Bell! I'll Become the Manager♪"
"Watashi wa Beru! Tenchō ni Na〜ru♪" (私はべる!店長にな〜る♪)
October 19, 2013
Naru, Ann, Ito and Rinne are going on a field trip to Hokkaido, thus leaving Prism Stone unattended. Naru asks Bell Rose to take care of the store while they're gone. Bell takes charge as manager, but the customers are scared away due to her perfect, by-the-rules customer service. In their time at Prism Stone, Bell Rose also discovers the truth about Chisato and her true identity, Momo. After advice from DJ Coo and Hiro, Bell decides to run the store her way rather than doing things by the book, and performs a fashion Prism Show alongside Wakana and Otoha. Naru is teased that she will soon get fired as Bell is doing a better job as manager.
30 "The Crossroad of Vows"
"Chikai no Kurosurōdo" (誓いのクロスロード)
October 26, 2013
Ito, Naru, Ann and Rinne finally have some time off for their field trip in Hokkaido. Although they have many places they would want to visit, Naru and Ann asks if they could go with Ito to see her mother and younger brother. The girls learn of the meaning behind Ito's nickname "Cross" and about a car accident involving her father and another person which lead to their family being separated.
31 "Aiming to be a Hero! Freedom!!"
"Mezasu wa Yūsha! Furīdamu!!" (目指すは勇者!フリーダム!!)
November 2, 2013
When some Edel Rose students take over Kazuki's and his companions' dance area, he and Hiro decide to settle their dance battle once and for all. Hiro wants Kouji to write another song for him for his new single. So if Kazuki loses, he has to ask Kouji to write a new song for Hiro.
32 "The Goddess Who Flies to Love"
"Ai ni Habataku Megami (June)" (愛に羽ばたく女神(ジュネ))
November 9, 2013
The long awaited exhibition Prism Show, Heartbeat Session has finally arrived. Juné Amou has announced that she will perform her Prism Live and five consecutive Prism Jumps. Naru, Ann and Ito, who are looking forward to Juné's performance, try to figure out which instrument she will be using. Meanwhile, Bell also attempts to perform five consecutive jumps but fails.
33 "Triangle Date Meow♡"
"Toraianguru Dēto Nya ♡" (トライアングル デート にゃ♡)
November 16, 2013
Ann, Kazuki, and Wakana go to see a movie together. On the way back home, Wakana meets her father and learns that she is going to move again to Singapore next month. She asks her parents to come see her last performance with her dear friends Bell and Otoha, but her father, although he promised to come, is detained at work. Wakana goes to Kazuki and cries on his shoulder, a scene that is witnessed by Ann.
34 "If You're Happy, Join Hands!"
"Hapi Naru Nara Te wo Tsunagō!" (ハピなるなら手をつなごう!)
November 23, 2013
Naru is chosen to perform at a charity event at Dear Crown for children alone. She must decide on her own how to make a happy Prism Show that the kids will enjoy. Right before Naru's performance, the children started crying because of the dark. Naru tells the children to join hands so they no longer become scared. During Naru's performance, Rinne appears on stage once again but this time both Naru and Rinne perform four consecutive duo jumps.
35 "These Shuffle Duos Just Ain't Working!"
"Shaffuru De~yuo de Dame da Korya!" (シャッフルデュオでダメだこりゃ!)
November 30, 2013
The duo-only competition, the Winter White Session, is coming up and Happy Rain♪ and Bell Rose decide to shuffle their two teams into three duos for the competition. Hijiri Himuro also announces that Juné will be participating in the Winter White Session and that her partner is still unconfirmed. They try many different combinations until they settled on the following groups: Naru with Bell, Ann with Wakana, and Ito with Otoha.
36 "The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?"
"Otomari-kai de Futari wa Mecha Uma!?" (お泊り会でふたりはめちゃウマ!?)
December 7, 2013
After coming up with the duos, Naru suggests that the pairs have a sleepover at each others houses in order to get to know each other better. Ann and Wakana are the first pair, but while Ann takes it seriously, Wakana isn't motivated as they won't be competing due to her transfer overseas. Wakana's parents come to see her last show. After the show, Wakana's mom becomes angry at her husband and says he will go to Singapore by himself, allowing Wakana to continue Prism Shows.
37 "The Sad Lucky Star"
"Kanashimi no Rakkī Sutā" (哀しみのラッキースター)
December 14, 2013
It's now Ito and Otoha's turn to have a sleepover at each others houses. Otoha insists that Ito invites Kouji to join them at dinner. Ito and Otoha plan to meet up with Kouji on the apartment rooftop to discuss their song for the Winter White Session. Kouji's mother shows up and reveals that Kouji's father and Ito's father were a part of the same band, Lucky Star. She also reveals that Kouji's father was killed in the car accident which Ito's fathering was driving. After hearing the truth from Kouji's mother and her refusal to accept Ito and Kouji's relationship, Ito is devastated. Otoha writes the lyrics to her and Ito's song, which gives Ito some strength. After Ito and Otoha perform at Prism Stone, Ito breaks up with Kouji.
38 "The Happy Bell on the Holy Night"
"Seiya ni Happī Beru ga Naru" (聖夜にハッピーベルがなる)
December 21, 2013
Naru and Bell are the last duo that is going to have a sleepover. Bell's father is coming to visit for Christmas. Bell is convinced that her mother doesn't love her Naru's mother says that there is no such thing as a mother who does not love her child. After the sleepover at Naru's house she realized that there is more than one way to show love. After Naru and Bell's Prism Show, Bell and her mother manage to mend their relationship.
39 "Steamy! Legend of the Rainbow Kappa"
"Yukemuri! Nijiiro Kappa Densetsu" (湯けむり!虹色カッパ伝説)
December 28, 2013
Peacock-sensei instructs Chisato to bring Happy Rain♪ and Bell Rose to a hot spring in the mountains in order to find a hint on how to return Rinne back into Prism World. Later, they turn on the TV to see Juné Amou announce her partner for the Winter White Session. Her partner is revealed to be Rinne and she performs her "My Song" and completes five consecutive Prism Jumps. The girls realize that Rinne and Juné will be very difficult to beat.
40 "Double Confession? I Love You, Senpai!"
"Daburu Kokuhaku? Sukidesu Senpai!" (W告白?好きです先輩!)
January 11, 2014
The Winter White Session has begun and Wakana decides to confess to Kazuki before her and Ann's duo show, pulling along Ann to witness. Ann finally recognizes her feelings for Kazuki and stops Wakana from confessing. Wakana already knew Ann's feelings, creating the whole ruse in order to make Ann be honest with her. They decide to confess together but, after seeing a pretty girl with Kazuki, they conclude he has a girlfriend. The two mend the rift in their friendship and pull off a spectacular duo show. It is only until after their show they find out that the pretty girl was actually Kazuki's cousin.
41 "Bonds Connecting the Stars"
"Hoshi ga Tsunagu Kizuna" (星がつなぐ絆)
January 18, 2014
It's now Ito and Otoha's turn to perform at the Winter White Session. Gen visits Ito and decides to tell her and Kouji exactly what happened during the car accident which killed Kouji's father. Gen shares his story of how they first met and made songs together. After Lucky Star disbanded, Gen realized that he wanted to continue to make music with Jo again. Gen did not have his eyes on the rode when they got into the car accident. Afterward, Ito and Otoha perform and they get second place.
42 "Naru's Pinch! Lovelin's Disappearance"
"Naru Pinchi! Kieta Raburin" (なるピンチ消えたラブリン)
January 25, 2014
It is Naru and Bell's turn to perform. Before their show begins, they go to visit Rinne again. Although Rinne opens the door, much to Naru's elation, she says "Goodbye", breaking Naru's heart. Believing that Rinne hates her, Naru's heart loses its radiance, and Lovelin vanishes. It is only when Naru regains her confidence while performing with Bell on stage does Lovelin reappear, having upgraded to the third evolution of the Seventh Coord, Platinum Style.
43 "The Angel's Determination"
"Tenshi no Ketsui" (天使の決意)
February 1, 2014
It is finally time for Rinne and Juné's duo performance. Rather than performing duo Prism Jumps, they compete against each other during the show. They complete six consecutive Prism Jumps and a bright light consumes the stage. Rinne and Juné have a confrontation in space and it is revealed that Juné is also from Prism World. Rinne and Juné win the Winter White Session and they part after the show, Rinne returns to Prism Stone.
44 "You are the Saviors of the Rainbow!"
"Niji no Kyūseishu wa Kimi Ja!" (虹の救世主は君ジャ!)
February 8, 2014
The Pair Charms combine into Peacock-sensei and he explains that the power of the Prism World is rapidly disappearing and soon it will become impossible to perform Prism Shows. Peacock-sensei reveals that Juné is like Rinne, a messenger from the Prism World and that she is the reason behind Rinne's memory loss and the threat to the Prism's Sparkle. Peacock-sensei explains that in order to restore the Prism's Sparkle, the girls have to evolve the Seventh Coord to it's limit. The next day, Chisato receives a call from the Prism Show Association saying that Naru, Ann, and Ito's right to participate in the Over The Rainbow Session has been revoked.
45 "The Rose Revolution"
"Bara no Kakumei" (バラの革命)
February 15, 2014
Naru, Ann, and Ito's right to participate in the Over The Rainbow Session has been revoked as well as Juné Amou and Bell tries to persuade Supervisor Jin Norizuki. Hijiri Himuro resigns from the Prism Show Association because of the scandal between him and Juné and Koushi Norizuki takes over. At Hiro's live performance, Hiro admits to his fans that his debut song "Pride" was not written by him but by Kouji. He reveals that he had to lie to his fans in order to debut by Supervisor Norizuki's orders. Hiro apologizes to Kouji on stage and says that he will give up performing however his fans encourage him to continue. Jin is angry at Hiro for revealing his secrets to the public and DJ Coo, who was revealed to be Kurokawa Rei, punches Jin. Jin's father appears and relieves him from his position as the supervisor of Edel Rose. Afterwards, Naru, Ann, Ito, and Juné are declared eligible to compete in the Over The Rainbow Session.
46 "Curtain! Over The Rainbow Session!"
"Kaimaku! Ōbā Za Reinbō Sesshon" (開幕!オーバーザレインボーセッション)
February 22, 2014
Now that everyone is able to participate in the Over The Rainbow Session, they are asked to perform the best show within their own limits in order to revive the Prism's Sparkle. This responsibility leaves everyone feeling anxious, especially Otoha who has to perform first. In order to get rid of everyone else's nervousness, Otoha shows a new side of her and fires up everyone with her performance. Otoha manages to evolve her Seventh Coord to it's limit and performs five consecutive jumps. Next up is Ann and her grandmother has come to support her. She also succeeds in evolving her Seventh Coord and completing five consecutive jumps. Next up is Ito's performance.
47 "Shining Lucky Star of Love"
"Ai ni Kagayaku Shiawase no Hoshi" (愛に輝く幸せの星)
March 1, 2014
Next to perform at the Over The Rainbow Session is Ito. Ito's mother and brother came from Hokkaido to support her. The secret behind the accident between Ito's father and Kouji's father is revealed to Kouji's mother. After hearing the truth, Natsuko goes to apologize to Gen and the two families reconcile. It is finally time for Ito's performance and she manages to evolve her Seventh Coord to the max and perform six consecutive jumps. After her performance, Kouji's mother thanks Ito for bringing back Kouji's smile.
48 "Like Myself, Like A Human"
"Watashi Rashiku, Ningen Rashiku" (私らしく, 人間らしく)
March 8, 2014
In order to bring back the Prism's Sparkle, the girls will need to surpass Juné. Everyone is betting their hopes on their next contestants: Wakana and Bell. Wakana's parents comes to the tournament to support her and she learns more about their past. During her performance she pushes her limits to perform seven consecutive jumps, but fails. Afterward, she tells Ann that it was a payback from last time at the Dreaming Session. It is finally Bell's turn and she completes seven consecutive jumps, placing her at first. Next up is Juné's performance.
49 "Until This Life Burns Out..."
"Inochi Moetsukiru Made..." (命燃え尽きるまで...)
March 15, 2014
Juné's performance is up next for the Over The Rainbow Session. Even without Starn, Juné is determined to win with her power of love. Meanwhile, Kouji and Kazuki agree to join Edel Rose. Before Juné's performance, Hijiri visits her worried that she will disappear. During Juné's performance she attempts seven consecutive jumps but she collapses. The Prism's Sparkle disappears along with Rinne and the Pair Charms.
50 "The Sparkle Is Right Next To You"
"Kirameki wa Anata no Soba ni" (煌めきはあなたのそばに)
March 22, 2014
The Prism's Sparkle has completely left the world making it impossible to perform a Prism Show. Everyone is depressed however Naru refuses to give up and decides to perform at the tournament as planned. Momo designs an outfit for Naru to perform. The instant she steps on stage she trips and falls but still continues with the show. The audience cheers for Naru and she manages to perform a Prism Live and the Prism's Sparkle returns. Peacock-sensei returns and the six girls plus Juné perform a Prism Live to open the gate to Prism World. The Prism Goddess appears in front of Juné offering her to stay in the human world but she will lose her ability to perform Prism Shows and her memories until now, and she accepts. Rinne then parts with the others and returns to the Prism World.
51 "Gift"
"Gifuto" (ギフト)
March 29, 2014
Now that one year has passed, it's time for Naru, Ito and Ann to graduate from Prism Stone. The girls are about to see what their new paths will be like. Kouji and Kazuki agree to join Edel Rose and with Hiro they form a Prism Unit, Over The Rainbow.
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