Episode 6

"The Cool Heart Beats with Heat!"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Kūruna Hāto ga Bīto de Hīto!

Original Air Date

May 11, 2013

Opening Theme

"BOY MEETS GIRL" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"RainBowxRainBow" by Prism☆Box

Insert Songs

"BT37.5" by Mikako Komatsu

Previous Episode

My Song is a Multi♡Colored~dream

Next Episode

Sweet Magic for a Sour Dad

"The Cool Heart Beats with Heat!"" is the sixth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Chisato announces that the Prism Stone Shop is going on a tour, with the first stop being the all-boys school Kakkyouin Academy. Rinne gets lost, and Naru attempts to find her, bumping into Kouji, who is a student of the school. Naru also meets Hiro Hayami, unbeknownst to her Hiro is the one who stole Kouji's song and is using the song for his Prism Star debut. Naru and Kouji soon meet up with Ann, Ito, and Chisato. Ito decides she will perform a Prism Show rather than Naru, debuting with her My Song. Rinne soon returns to the others, having won the Miss Kakkyouin contest.


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