Episode 37

"The Sad Lucky Star"

PRRL Episode-37

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Kanashimi no Rakkī Sutā

Original Air Date

December 14, 2013

Opening Theme


Ending Theme

"I wannabee myself ~Jibun Rashiku Itai~" by Emiri Katō & Yū Serizawa & Mikako Komatsu

Insert Songs

"ALIVE" by Mikako Komatsu & Saori Goto

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The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?

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The Happy Bell on the Holy Night

"The Sad Lucky Star" is the thirty-seventh episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


It's now Ito and Otoha's turn to have a sleepover at each other's houses. Otoha insists that Ito invites Kouji to join them at dinner. Ito and Otoha plan to meet up with Kouji on the apartment rooftop to discuss their song for the Winter White Session. Kouji's mother shows up and reveals that Kouji's father and Ito's father were a part of the same band, Lucky Star. She also reveals that Kouji's father was killed in the car accident which Ito's father was driving. After hearing the truth from Kouji's mother and her refusal to accept Ito and Kouji's relationship, Ito is devastated. Otoha writes the lyrics to her and Ito's song, which gives Ito some strength. After Ito and Otoha perform at Prism Stone, Ito breaks up with Kouji.


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