Episode 36

"The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?"

PRRL Episode-36

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Otomari-kai de Futari wa Mecha Uma!?

Original Air Date

December 7, 2013

Opening Theme


Ending Theme

"I wannabee myself ~Jibun Rashiku Itai~" by Emiri Katō & Yū Serizawa & Mikako Komatsu

Insert Songs

"cherry picking days" by Yū Serizawa & Maaya Uchida

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These Shuffle Duos Just Ain't Working!

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The Sad Lucky Star

"The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?" is the thirty-sixth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


After coming up with the duos, Naru suggests that the pairs have a sleepover at each other's houses in order to get to know each other better. Ann and Wakana are the first pair, but while Ann takes it seriously, Wakana isn't motivated as they won't be competing due to her transfer overseas. Wakana's parents come to see her last show. After the show, Wakana's mom becomes angry at her husband and says he will go to Singapore by himself, allowing Wakana to continue Prism Shows.


Characters in Order of Appearance


  • When Ann and her father are watching television, a screenshot of Ayami and Kyoko at a meeting can be momentarily seen on the screen.


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